Brooklyn Bridge Park


The Brooklyn Bridge Park is an 85-acre post-industrial waterfront site stretching 1.3 miles along Brooklyn's East River edge. It encompasses Piers 1-6, Empire Fulton Ferry Park and the existing Main Street Park. 


Construction began in January 2009, with the first six acres of the park opened in March 2010 at Pier 1, including the park's first waterfront promenade, lawns, playground and the "Granite Prospect." The "Granite Prospect" is made of over 300 pieces (over 1,900 linear feet) of granite salvaged from the reconstructed Roosevelt Island Bridge. Nearly 7 acres of parkland on Pier 6 was opened in June 2010, and 3.5 acres of parkland on Pier 1 and 1.4 acres of parkland on the Pier 2 uplands were opened in Summer 2010.


The park is now complete and provides playing fields, sport courts, playgrounds, civic lawns, and running and bicycle paths, as well as a calm water area for kayaking and canoeing.


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