Williamsburg Bridge


The Williamsburg Bridge helps hipsters get to and from work every day by joining Manhattan’s trendy Lower East Side at Delancey Street to Williamsburg, Brooklyn over the East River. When completed in 1903, it was the longest suspension bridge span in the world until the Bear Mountain Bridge (which connects Westchester and Rockland counties across the Hudson River) came along in 1924 and surpassed it.


The Williamsburg Bridge is still arguably much cooler both because of its hipsters and because of its unconventional design. The main span hangs from cables in the usual manner, but trusses instead of cables support its side spans. The entire bridge is 7,308 feet long with 338-foot-high towers.


The Williamsburg and Manhattan Bridges are the last two bridges in the Big Apple that carry vehicular, rail and pedestrian traffic. The American Society of Civil Engineers made its awesomeness official in 2009 by designating the bridge as a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. 

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