Chris Mason


Chris was born and raised in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn with Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise blood running through his veins. As the son of infamous Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise guide John Mason, Chris had big shoes to fill when he started giving tours in 1985.


Over the years, Chris has developed a unique perspective on what he feels make NYC the greatest city on earth. He is proud to share his views with his passengers on his tours, and will often challenge them with trivia and statistic questions.


Chris lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn with his wife Robyn and their two young kids. Maybe one day his children will become third generation guides in the Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise family!


"Chris Mason, whose profound erudition and deep love for his city and for us - his passengers and pupils - made for an experience we will carry in our hearts for a long time to come"

— harveyb381, TripAdvisor

John Mason


John Mason is an institution at Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises, leading tours for over fifty years. Born and raised in Brooklyn, John started his own trucking business after college. Though the business was a success, he found that he was more interested in hanging around the Circle Line pier and listening to the guides than making deliveries. In 1962, he gave up the trucking business and became a Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise tour guide.


Over the years, John has had some of the biggest names in entertainment on his tours, including opera singer Beverly Sills and Tony Bennett!


"For us the highlight was the guide John. He was so knowledgeable and shared a lot of history about Manhattan. Really impressive."

— powaramit, TripAdvisor

John Keatts


After receiving his airplane pilot license John joined the Navy and worked on submarines all over the world. Fresh out of the service in the 1970s, John spent his first years in NYC appearing in Broadway musicals, cabaret performances, and on television.


Over the years, John developed a great interest in this diverse city, visiting almost every part of town, delving into its museums and historical societies, and taking geology courses. In the late 80s, John realized that there was no better way to share his love and knowledge of NY, than to join the ranks of Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises as a guide.


John is a proud Midwesterner. He graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.


"John was a brilliant tour guide and was very knowledgeable and entertaining"

— gabbyiles, TripAdvisor

David Parker


Dave was born and raised in Pittsburgh and came to New York in 1980s to earn a Masters of Fine Arts in Acting from CUNY. After graduation, he landed a variety of temporary acting jobs and an adjunct teaching position. Dave took a summer job working at the Circle Line snack bar but his magnetic personality sold more dogs than the boat could hold, so his manager encouraged him to give up the snack bar and try giving tours instead.


On August 17, 1994, Dave gave his first Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise tour and the hot dog sales have been down ever since. What sets Dave aside from the other Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise guides is that Dave found his true love in October 2001 while giving a Circle Line Sightseeing Tour! Dave and Leslie married in December 2002 and currently live in Long Island City, NY.


"David was our guide and this guy was amazing! He was clever, entertaining, with facts about what you were looking at, in any given moment, pouring from this guy like he was a walking encyclopedia!"

— Bagpiper549, TripAdvisor

Malachy Murray


Malachy hails from Queens, NY. After high school, Malachy joined the Armed Forces, first spending time in the Army and Navy and eventually was promoted into the elite Special Forces.

In 1996, Malachy began his career at Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises as a deckhand. During his third week, one of the tour guides became ill and to everyone's surprise, the boat was left without a guide. When Malachy came to the rescue, taking the microphone and giving all of his passengers a tour they would never forget.

Malachy is a natural born story teller and impresses Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise passengers with his sharp wit and vast knowledge of all things New York. Passengers might recognize Malachy as Officer Maloney from All My Children. He's also appeared on As the World Turns, Law and Order, Rescue Me, and Third Watch and the Oscar-winning Scorsese film, The Departed.


"Our tour guide, Malachy, was fantastic. He has a real passion for NYC, and was very informative, interesting, and funny."

— csterle1, TripAdvisor

Tim Hollan


Tim is a Washington DC native with a very interesting background—so interesting it was a secret for more than four years. After Tim attended college, he joined the Army as a military intelligence officer and was stationed in Europe. He then joined the CIA as an intelligence officer.


Tim left his glamorous life as a spy in the sixties and joined Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises in 1990. (The CIA has been less exciting ever since…)


"Tim Hollan made a wonderful afternoon around the waters of New York so much more interesting with all the insightful views and historical relevances peppered in. "

— Jeff D, TripAdvisor

Tom Wurl


Tom was born in Wisconsin in a small town named Clintonville. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Tom came to NYC to try his hand at acting. Believe it or not, Tom had the unique pleasure of standing in for Jack Nicholson on a few of his movies.



In 1995, Tom, a former teacher, decided that being a guide for Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise would allow him to combine his two great loves: history and New York City. Ever since then, Tom’s passengers have taken his picture in order to tell their friends back home that Jack Nicholson was their Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise tour guide.


"Tom Wurl is a fabulous source of information with a wonderful, friendly personality."

— cl_hoye, TripAdvisor

William Scott Brown


Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Willam Scott Brown came to Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises in 2005. 'Bill', as he is affectionately known, feels right at home on the water bringing a unique perspective to his tours and constantly impressing guests with his knowledge of New York trivia.

It's likely you've seen Bill somewhere before... a successful actor who has starred in numerous commercials, appeared on the "Late Show with David Letterman" and can even be seen in an episode of Law and Order.


Bill recently received a Best Actor International Jury Award in Italy from Tribeca Film Festival and Donatello award winning director Paolo Genovese at Cortinametraggio 2017 in Cortina D'ampezzo Italy.


Most notably, Bill was a member of the original Broadway production of Phantom of the Opera! He performed eight shows a weeks for 12 years, from 1988 to 2000.


Only with Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises can New York enthusiasts learn about the city they love from a genuine Broadway veteran.


Learn more about Bill at


"Our Cruise narrator Bill gave a wonderful commentary on all the view points all throughout the journey"

— Gopal L, TripAdvisor

John Curran


John Curran was one of Circle Lines most experienced Guides. Having 30 years of experience, many of his tour goers came off of his trips with an astonishing amount of knowledge of New York and its history.


In 1985, John and his cousin decided to treat themselves to a Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise. John was struck by how informative and fun the cruise was and decided that he would love the opportunity to be a guide. After having been an actor for many years, John knew how to get an audience excited and passengers on his tours would be no different.


John was deeply respected within our industry and by all those whom knew him. He will always be remembered for his exciting stories, such as the time a Canadian goose collided with a Circle Line boat during one of his tours. Guests never knew what kind of adventure they would get into on one of his tours, and for that he always had people wanting more. His work will be continued to be celebrated throughout Circle Line History.