What is a Reserved Ticket?


A Reserved Ticket guarantees your seat on board. Bypass the box office line and go straight to boarding. Please Note: At this time, Reserved Tickets are only available when purchased directly through the Circle Line website. We're currently unable to accept reservations from pass partners however, all pass holders keep the same great offerings and privileges provided by their particular pass, as well as enjoying the same flexibility of our Open Vouchers.



I have a CityPASS, New York Pass, Sightseeing Pass, Smart Destinations New York Explorer Pass, how do I reserve my cruise ticket(s)?


Reserved tickets are UNAVAILABLE on our website with an Attraction Pass. We are unable to reserve cruises for guests with attraction passes like CityPASS, CityPASS's C3, New York Pass, or Smart Destinations New York Explorer Pass. Pass partners please arrive 45 minutes prior to the cruise you wish to go on and bring your pass to the box office to exchange it for a boarding pass.


What do I do if I would like to upgrade my ticket?


If you have purchased a ticket for one of our sightseeing cruises but would like to take another cruise instead, that’s no problem atall! If the cruise has a greater value than the cruise you have already purchased you will have to pay the difference between the two cruises. If the cruise price value is less than the cruise you have already purchased we will not refund you the price difference of two cruises.

If you choose to take a different cruise there is no need to exchange your current ticket for a new ticket. You may use the ticket you have already for the different cruise you are interested in.



What are the age limits for children?


Child tickets are available for ages 3 - 12; for toddlers/infants under the age of 3, please ask at the box office for an infant ticket; it is free of charge.





What are Combos and how do they work?


A Circle Line Combo is a bundled package that includes a reserved-date Circle Line cruise ticket and an open voucher for admission to the partner attraction. You must come to the Circle Line Box Office FIRST to activate the open voucher for the partner attraction. Once activated, the Circle Line Box Office will give you printed tickets that you can then take to the attraction for admission. Different attractions have different admissions policies, these will be stated on your ticket.


We currently offer Combo tickets with the Empire State Building, The Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum, Madame Tussauds, OPEN LOOP Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tours, The Ride, Gray Line Bus Tours, the Adventure Package, Big Bus Tours, and the Woodbury Commons Bus Combo.






Do you offer a Military Discount?

We offer a 50% off discount for active and non-active duty United States Veterans on all of our regular Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises. Please present your military I.D. at our ticket office when you come to purchase tickets. Offer is valid for up to four people. This discount is not valid online and does not apply to upgrade, combo or premier tickets.






What is your refund policy?

Open Voucher tickets are non-refundable and good for one year from the date of purchase. Your tickets can be used at your earliest convenience. We do not make reservations for our cruises unless you have a party of 15 people or more. There is a first come first serve policy for groups of less than 15 people on all of our regular sightseeing cruises.

Boarding begins a half hour before departure. To ensure you get on the cruise at the time you are interested in, please arrive one hour to 45 minutes before the departure to allow yourself time to obtain tickets from our box office whether you purchased them online or wish to purchase tickets directly from our pier and also find seating on our cruise.

Reserved Tickets are non-refundable and hold their value for up to 30 days. All rescheduling should be made within 30 days from the reserved cruise date.







Boarding Information



Boarding begins a half hour before departure. To ensure you get on the cruise at the time you are interested in, please arrive one hour to 45 minutes before the departure to allow yourself enough time to obtain boarding passes from the box office and to find seating on the cruise.



Can I take a bus to your location?



From 42nd Street take the westbound M42 bus or from 49th Street take the westbound M50 bus.The buses will take you all the way to the Circle Line Pier.


What kind of concessions are available?



Our standard concession items include hot dogs, pretzels, nachos, an assortment of fresh sandwiches and salads, assorted breakfast items (during morning cruises), coffee/tea/soda and full bar.




Please see individual cruise pages for cruise routes and highlights:



How close do the boats get to the Statue?


All of the cruises sail close to the statue to give passengers an amazing view; you’ll feel like you’re actually on the island!



Does the Best of NYC Cruise actually circumnavigate Manhattan?


Yes. The Best of NYC tour circumnavigates the island of Manhattan and offers our most comprehensive tour. There are, however, occasions when we cannot fully circumnavigate the island due to high tides. If you have concerns please give us a call as early as 9:30 AM the morning of the day you plan to take a cruise (212) 563-3200.





How do I make a reservation for my school or camp?


Please see the "How to Book" tab on our Camps and Schools page.